Who We Are

The Upper Keys Humane Society Inc. (UKHS) is a 501)c)(3) not-for-profit "No-Kill Shelter" that provides food, shelter, medical care and adoption services for unwanted and abandoned animals. The purpose of this society is to promote the proposition that all living creatures deserve humane and civilized treatment. We strive to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals in the area from North Key Largo to Lower Matecumbe. We aid in the alleviation of distress and suffering of animals. We operate a shelter for animals needing temporary housing. The Upper Keys Humane Society is manged exclusively by a volunteer board, where no money is spent on administrative salaries. Our only paid employees care for the animals and help maintain the shelter.


What We Do

We take in unwanted, abused, abandoned and neglected animals. We provide clean and comfortable housing at the shelter. We have 18 dog kennels and 11 cat condos. We provide healthy and proper diets for all animals. We provide all animals with compassionate care, love and attention. We work with exceptional veterinarians in order to provide all necessary medical care to ensure the animals are healthy for adoption. This includes vaccinations, spays/neuters and parasite testing. We provide adoption services to find all of our animals a healthy and loving home, placing more than 100 animals per year.